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Incorporating the Brewery into the centre of the pub, was a logistical nightmare! However it could not express our passion more. The character that the brewery exudes as the focal point of the entire space is undeniable.  Having the brewery up front and personal serves as an expression of the emphasis that we place on our product.  Being local and indie we want our supporters to be able to view the brewery from any seat in the house.  Seeing where the beer in your hand was crafted, using fine local ingredients and care,  is a profound sense of pride, quality and conscientiousness.

All of the beers that MBC produces are brewed right in house. We know our Main Man, Head Brewer Joe, keeps it really clean, but still no off site brewerys are involved. Our beers are fermented right inside the brewery where they carbonate naturally.  From there our brews are gravity fed to our underground cellar where they hang-out while conditioning.  After our beers are amply conditioned,  our tanks are directly tapped straight to the massive taps at the bar where the supply of fresh, cold, craft beer meets your glass. Seeing the light of day for its first time!

MBC was built to be the community’s brewpub where Vernon’s craft beer seekers can “tap into the source!”



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64oz Glass Growler: $5
32oz Glass Growler: $3.5

64oz Fill: $13 per fill
32oz Fill: $7 per fill

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 2933a 30th Ave Vernon BC